Monday, July 28, 2014

Mabel Dress~New Release (Ollie & Annie Collection)

Hi everyone!  Today I would like to share with you one of the newest patterns I had the privilege to test a couple of weeks ago!

The Mabel Dress by Ollie & Annie Collection that is releasing today.  I think this might be her second pattern to release and I must tell you that I was absolutely beyond impressed with the perfection of the tester version that I worked with and the ease I had doing it.  She's starting up a blog today I believe so I'm going to go ahead and share the link with you so that you can access a little more detailed information about this dress as well as more photos (and FYI, this blogging business is pretty new to me and I just realized I may have assumed everyone knew that all of my underlined words are if you didn't know that you do now).  Her first pattern to release was Bubbly Bubble Skirt.  I wish I could tell you about how wonderful that skirt is, but frankly I just learned about Ollie & Annie during the testing call for the Mabel Dress, however this will not be my one and only Ollie and Annie creation, that I can assure you as I absolutely adore this dress.  For the release the Mabel Dress is going to be 25% off with the use of code MABELDRESS25 and I believe if you are purchasing the Mabel Dress you will be able to get the Bubbly Skirt for the 25% off as well....that is totally sweet of her...make sure you go and share some love on the Ollie and Annie Facebook page, also as I have suggested before, before you start to sew this dress up make sure you join the Ollie & Annie Collection FB group page.  You will have access to the creator as well as all of the testers and other people that have made the pattern and should be able to find someone for help with any little issue you may run across, with this dress I didn't run into anything but you never know you could have one of those days!(PDF Pattern Groups on FB have been my lifesavers many times, atleast it felt that way to me ;)).

Anyway back to this adorable little dress, you've noticed that in this photo I layered it.  When I saw the dress it immediately screamed back to school to me and it won't be too awful long until it starts to cool down with some fall weather so I kept that in mind when I made Mabel Dress.  I dug through my entire stash and this cheetah print here yelled at me, it was just a remnant I found somewhere, bought for nothing in particular but I am happy I had it because I love my end results.

The back of the dress has buttons, as you can see here since I decided to use a plain black for the top I wanted a little bit of WOW factor and decided to embellish my buttons with sweet little bows.  All that I did was sew the buttons on like you would normally do and then sewed the little bows right on top of them.  It is a little bit tricky to push the bows and buttons through the holes, but she's not quiet 3 yet and I'm doing it anyway so we can deal with that.  Doesn't it just make it so cute!!!

That brings me to another GREAT thing about the Mabel Dress.  All the different fun ways you can take and make this dress your own.  I saw a Halloween version, a Great Gatsby version, A WATERMELON version, and dresses adorned with ruffles. There were some with extra buttons on the front and I also just saw a 70's retro style too! There is also a good set of photos of one of the simple versions here, you can see all of those as well if you join the Ollie & Annie Collection group.  

And look how cute it is when she twirls!

The Mabel Dress includes sizes 12m~10 and comes with instructions to make a belted version as well.

I could go on and on all day about how honored I was to get to take part in the testing of this dress and just how adorable I think this dress is but none of us have time for all that so I will stop now!  

Don't forget to use code MABELDRESS25 to get your 25% release discount off of the Ollie & Annie Mabel Dress and the Bubbly Skirt as long as you are purchasing the Mabel Dress as well!

Thank you all for visiting with me today and taking a few minutes to see one of my favorite new dresses for Miss Gracie's fall wardrobe.

You also may have noticed that I decided to go ahead and add a watermark to my photos from now on. I don't have time to sell many of my creations...with 3 kids, 2 which are still at home all through the day there isn't a lot of extra time to do that and make for them as well, but if you are ever interested I do make a few custom orders here and there I have a sort of page that I made.  Go check it out....Gracie's Rags, you can atleast maybe find a little bit of inspiration there!

Happy sewing!

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