Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 1 of Sew Crazy Momma's Weight loss Journey!

Hey, it's been a little bit and a few sewing projects that I just didn't get around to sharing, sorry...holidays and kids getting back in school and being sick has just really gotten the best of me! 

But Christmas was really great to me!  Gracie had 3 awesome dresses, only one of which you actually saw...what was I thinking?!?  They were so worth sharing with you but photos just didn't happen!!! I'll try to remember to get photos next time :)  And back to my awesome Christmas, well, I didn't have anything GREAT under the tree or any crazy surprises Christmas morning, BUT, in the couple months leading up to my wonderful husband allowed me to get a new iPhone 6 PLUS, before it was time for me to it cost extra...sorta...we are on the NEXT plan so instead of spreading the $100 out over the next 4 or 5 months, we paid it all up front so I could get a new phone when he did and not have to be jealous!  He usually loves getting to flaunt his new phone in front of me, but this time without me even asking he said you get one too! Then our extra fridge went out!  Its not necessary for anyone to have 2, but as long as we have lived here we for 6 years! I only asked for a small one to replace the extra, BUT, he let me replace our fridge and not with a basic one like we had, but a big huge double door, freezer on bottom with an ice maker, stainless steel one...he still needs to install that ice maker, but he plans on doing it...yay! And then there's the big ONE, it sits in my driveway!  I had a 2012 Chevrolet Traverse, brand new, we had had nothing but problems with it from the beginning, some of it was our fault, but most of it wasn't!  It had a double crack all the way across caused by the defroster...not a single ding before I turned it on that morning :( so it was just UGLY to me and if you follow me on FB you probably know the rest of the drama with it! Since I'm pretty certain no more little Ducks will be gracing our family in the NEAR future I really wanted to get back into a TRUCK, also it makes him happy as well!  So we traded in the old clunker and now have a pretty Dark Ruby 2014 Silverado Crew love love love it!

But with all that greatness, Nicki hasn't been feeling very ok with herself at all.  This year has been rough on me with adding Pre-K to the mix...I did the math and if I only travel to and from the bus and pre-k, and this is without any sports going on...I am traveling 400 miles a over 500 miles in my truck every week and that's just exhausting to me with 2 people in carseats!  We started the year off with football as well so that made for 2 late nights a week and access to McD...enough said there I think!  Then ofcourse there's the yummy coffee drinks I was getting EVERY Tue and Thur morning and making for myself at home all the others...I managed to gain 10 lbs and I already felt myself to be atleast 10 lbs too heavy!

I always was a tall skinny girl, 5'6" 120 lbs!  I even got back there after my first baby without any effort at all 6 weeks later and I had gone to 180 carrying him(weird referring to the 100 lb child as a baby now, lol) and then after I married Mr. Duck...the happy weight happened and I kinda settled at 140-150 lbs easily getting back there immediately after each pregnancy as well...there's something to be said for breastfeeding ;)!!! A long the way I tried out ACE and lost 10 lbs for a little bit, but it made me feel funny and I couldn't get the hang of water water water down so I only lost the 10 and didn't feel it was worth the odd feelings and gave up so ofcourse it came back!  Over the summer I decided to try Plexus and the pink drink, that was what started the weight gain for made me HUNGRY, so I didn't do it for very long at all!!!

So here's where I've been...very sluggish, headaches daily, no energy, digestive issues...10 lbs heavier and getting into the double digits with my pants size...lazy and depressed with sewing being my only outlet!  I was always content as long as I could stay in a single digit pant size but I cant go into the doubles and I do not want to hit 30 in this slump!  The kiddos deserve a bit more from me and I deserve more from me soooo, I know it's cheating, but I don't have tons of will power and the want of sweets and junk has been so over powering here lately as well as no energy that I know I NEED a boost to get this going!

I went to Amazon to buy the Advocare 24 day challenge, but its expensive and I'm not sure it was for me as well as seeing a few friends start it on FB only never to see a positive end result??? So I decided to look for a cheaper cheat as you may and settled on the Garcinia Cambogia because each and every brand of it I found had rave reviews and it was natural!  I dont know if it will work, I actually ended up getting one of the more expensive ones with EXTREME in the title that tells me I can get EXTREME weight loss by taking 2 twice daily 30 minutes to an hour before eating with water!

Day 1!  The kids didn't have school today so I got up around 8 and took 2 with a full glass of ice water!  I don't like water or drinking a lot period so water ends up making me feel sick...1 glass led to 2 quickly!  I took a bath and around 9:30 scrambled 2 eggs with a little ham and cheese chopped into them...not healthy I know, but it's pretty much all that's here besides oatmeal or sugary cereal...Gracie got some of it so I probably had 1 1/2 of an egg with the extras along with another glass of ice water!  I'm still thirsty!  If atleast I can learn to drink water from this I might get some where anyway :)

Anyway, here's Day 1!  I earned my tiger stripes from my babies, so I feel better with a shirt on and I suck with selfies so I thought the side view was best :) 162 lbs, 35 inch waist, 42.5 inch hips, 27 inch thigh, 13.5 inch upper arm!  I plan on doing this weekly so I can try and stay on track!!!  Hopefully by June 14th 2015...the big one for me... I can atleast be down to to figure out a workout plan and stick to it as well! So I plan on LOTS of summer sewing for me!!!

Wish this Momma Duck a little love and luck!!!

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