Monday, December 8, 2014

Greenstyle Finnley's

Wow, 2 posts in one day!  I'm on really I've been a TESTING machine...I didn't even blog all of them...oopsy! Maybe I will make it up later!  Anyway little did I know that another one of favorite from all this recent testing was being released today!  

This is the Greenstyle Finnley Pants!  Aren't they Super cute!  This is like the very first version so my rings are a little bit different then the final version ended up being but SERIOUSLY I love this pair of pants!!!  They are already fading I have worn and washed them so much!  

The fabric I got from Purple Seamstress Fabric on Facebook!  She is where I find all my favorite knits her stuff! 

But these pants are to die for! I chose to line the top of my pair with a white knit!  My husband always fusses if he sees any panty lines!  I even have a black pair of Under Armour pants and he claims when I bent over he could see my panties and I do promise I wasnt wearing any sort of grannyish panties....he must stare real hard, lol!  So to solve that little dilemma, I lined them, he happened to think it was funny when I turned them inside out to show him ;)  How I did it you might ask...I cut the pattern off at booty short length and basted it to the top of the pants and then carried on with regular construction...I did serge the bottom edge to discourage rolling!  Simple right? And no see through pants and no panty lines!

My 8 year old son took these photos and I really barely edited them!  He did good!

The pants have a couple different rises and instructions on lengthening and shortening them.  They are seriously comfy and a new staple to my wardrobe...sooooo much better then jeans!!!

So do yourself a favor and go check out Greenstyle Finnley Pants , also be sure to join the Greenstyle pattern group to see other tester photos and get help if you need it!!!

And BTW, your booty will look SUPER DUPER cute in these, lol, mine is just big and I think kiddos being shorter then me added to that in these photos, so not happening :)

Happy Sewing!


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