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Oh Mickey CHEERLEADING Uniform! (Cole's Creations~ Oh Mickey)

Hi, today I am absolutely, completely and totally excited to share one of the most amazing outfits I think I have ever made my daughter :) I think I am just super excited because it's a CHEER LEADING uniform, and it's not like a cheap little costume like thing either, it's the REAL deal!  My son is playing in the pee-wee football league right now, he's 8 so he's on the Junior team and this is actually only the second year I knew anything about it, he just really wasn't into it last year but I talked him into it for my very own personal reasons this year (so I could make sister a uniform) and OMG if he's not the CUTEST thing ever! Ofcourse when they saw Miss Cutie bouncing along behind me they said "Oh MOM, we have cheer leading!"  Don't think I didn't already consider it, but baby girl is not quiet 3 yet and $110 to cheer on a younger team that my LITTLE boy isn't even old enough to play on...NO THANK YOU!  But, a cheer leading uniform she WAS getting.  Now I had looked though all my patterns several times...I had checked through several blogs trying to learn how to do the various pleats and I had just about narrowed it down WHEN there was a tester call for Oh Mickey Cheer Leading Uniform by Cole's Creations!

I told you this one is for real!  I never would've really known what sort of fabric to use and I am sure that trim would've just been ribbon had I not stumbled onto this...even if I hadn't been chosen to test I know I would have been first in line to BUY!  I've had a hard time finding out the little teams actual colors and he hasn't gotten his jersey yet...first game is next Saturday...YAY...but I am positive that they are Lightning and in the past they have been Black and White and I have sorta been eavesdropping on the cheer practice and have heard BLACK and seen black and white poms so I hope I'm safe, if not she will still be the cutest wrong color cheer leader EVER!

I used PONTE to make this found online at Hancock's on sale for $5.99 a yard so I lucked out! The ponteroma she said doesn't hang just right so only use it for the contrast if you have to. This is a size 3 so I bought one yard of black and 1 of white...obviously I barely used any white but that's one of the icky things to me about ordering online is that I usually almost have to order the full yard, on you don't have to, but sometimes it's pricier then other places and while most of the time their shipping is fast sometimes it's NOT, so I skipped them this time and just ordered the full yard!  I also had a lot of the black left over as well so that tells you that this one is def not a fabric hog by any means!  The trim I found at Malouf's Fabric.  Their shipping was super fast as well!  I believe you can also find your trim on E-bay and grosgrain ribbon and striped knit are perfectly fine to use as well and Nicole outlines all of that in the pattern with great detail!

I chose to find and purchase the lightning applique from Big Dreams Embroidery on Etsy to match Aiden's team, but the great thing about Oh Mickey is that you don't have to have an embroidery machine to get a super cute look for your uniform.  In the pattern she includes a star, megaphone and a paw print with instructions on how to applique them with your regular old sewing machine!  You wouldn't even have to use her templates, you could find any old thing you wanted, trace it off your computer screen or print it out, and then use the instructions provided!

The back of Miss Gracie's uniform is closed with a zipper, however if you aren't comfortable with installing a zipper, she has included instructions for snaps as well as velcro.  Zippers are also not a thing to fear.  This is my 5th one I think so I am fairly new to them and this is perhaps the prettiest one I have done so far, her instructions for installing it are GREAT and they gave me a very neat and pretty finished product.  Silly me didn't even think about closures when I was scrambling to order materials so I didn't even have a black one here, but I did have a brown one which happened to be an invisible zipper so all you can see is the little brown pull tab, which even with her hair in a pony tail is covered...I think a black permanent marker might fix that problem ;) 

Another thing that may be useful for you all to know is getting this pretty little outfit on!  It's been I guess 11 years now since this Mommy has squeezed herself into a cheer leading uniform and I forgot how hard they can be to get on and off.  I finished the bodice up on this pretty and ran to put it on her and just about broke her neck, lol, not really, but we had a HARD time over the head...I think the back opening has been adjusted to make on and off a little bit easier, but I figured out that my problem was that I was going about putting it on the WRONG WAY!  NOW, with the original zipper length still in place I have her step into it and slip her arms in the holes as soon as they are high enough she can do so and the outfit slips on like butter.
In high school I was a tiny little thing, my mom had to take up my uniform every year so it would fit me but after the fight I had squeezing it over her head I remembered how much trouble I used to have getting mine on alone...I didn't have the option to step in as we had 2 pieces with a side zipper and tiny as I was I have always been blessed with hips so over the head it went and it was a dance if I had no help, lol, that's just how cheer fabric is, I can even recall getting stuck sometimes...but with this one being one piece have your girly's step in and get those arms through just as soon as you can and you will be fine!

I really wish I had better photos to share with you, but sometimes when your 2 it's just not super fun to have to take pictures ;)  and then there are camera not charging the battery...who does that...ME!  But anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...should I say it again LOVE Oh Mickey,I love this uniform, I just love everything about it.  It has made me happy as well as to go  cheer leading crazy again...I just put her in tumble and cheer, lol!  She also announced to us after seeing the Dallas Cowboy cheer leader commercials that she wants to be a cheer leader like that is now our goal...not really, know, if she says she wants it I will support her, however I'm pretty sure a not even 3 year old totally know's exactly what her life goals are already ;) But as long as she's saying it I'm all for it!

Oh, I think I forgot to talk about the awesome cheer bow!  There is a free tutorial for that listed on Craftsy today so make sure when your getting the uniform you get that as well!  It's super easy and I just used some of the trim I had left!  There is also a matching Dollie Outfit and free poms for dollie! You can totally use them on your darlings shoes as well!  Also, I haven't gotten around to making it yet, but it just hit my cart ;) is the Spirit Jacket! With a cheer leading uniform it is now a MUST!

So most definitely go over to Cole's Creations  and give this awesome mother - daughter team some love and check out Oh Mickey Cheer Leading Uniform and get it while it's 40% a matter of fact I think the whole shop is 40% off so make sure to check it out!

You definitely won't regret having the Oh Mickey Cheerleading Uniform  in your collection, it's great for cheering on big brothers...going to those Friday night games we can all get so wrapped up in, in Texas anyway, or just watching and supporting Daddy's fav pro or college team (we like the Texas Longhorns).   It's also great for a Halloween costume.  Nicole did mention that she thinks made from corduroy that it would make a super cute jumper as well!  The placement of your trim is totally left up to you with a few helpful photos and hints from her will honestly LOVE this pattern!

Also don't forget to head on over and join Cole's Corner and Creations Patterns Group!

Happy Sewing and Happy Labor Day!!!

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