Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday girl! (CKC Skyler)

Isn't this darling girl beautiful!?!  She just turned 3 years old!  And as you can probably guess she is infatuated with FROZEN and Elsa & Anna, so ofcourse she had a Frozen themed party with a Frozen themed dress!  The Frozen fabric was a pre-order from Sew it Seams, you will have to ask to join the group, but I have gotten some great fabric from them without the crazy mad dash to a fabric store hoping to catch it before it sells out!  The coordinating fabric came from Mama Made and Beautiful another of my favorite fabric groups!  It is more of a green shade, but after it was all together I loved it, it has little snowflakes on it if you can't tell!

The pattern I used for this dress was CKC Skyler's .  It's so pretty, there is also an option for a patchwork skirt as well!

And then the BEST part, the BOWS!  Oh My Goodness, if they aren't just divine!  In this dress you will need to choose very wisely based on measurements since the bodice is fitted.  I made Miss Gracie a 3 and I had to pull those bows just as tight as I could, BUT I did it on purpose since it should start to cool off soon and I want it to fit her next spring and summer.  I'm usually pretty good with tying a pretty bow, I learned how from some random tutorial I found on Pinterest, but with these little bows it didn't work out.  CKC saved the day though with their wonderful tutorial, they are perfectly straight everytime now, even if you don't make THIS dress, be sure to go and read that!

There was no issues with this pattern really so I have no special tips, the only thing I did any differently was to make the ruffle a little wider then called for!  

Isn't her necklace pretty too?!?  I special ordered that from Jax & Jewels...I sent her photos of the fabric and she matched it perfectly.  She has beautiful necklaces!

Just wanted to share this pretty dress with you all, thanks for spending a few minutes with me!  And I would definitely advise adding this one to your collection!

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