Monday, March 9, 2015

Easter dresses (Celeste & Annie CKC)

Hey!!!  Today I wanted to take the time to share a few beautiful dresses with you!  CKC has really been bringing us some gorgeous dresses as of late, the last one I got to test I didn't have time to blog for you all but you want to see???

I knew you would, that one is Annie's Cascade Ruffle dress!  I actually made it AFTER the one I came here to show you today and now she has 2 Easter dresses as Celeste had already been tagged!  Who can choose when there are soooo many pretty dresses to pick from!  I even have another to make with pretty bunny fabric...Hattie's, just haven't made it yet! She will wear them all through spring and summer though so that makes it ok...right?!?

Oh well, I always love to share her pictures with you so drumroll....

(Celeste's Classic Boat Neck Dress) comes in a few different versions, with 3 different sleeve lengths and then you can even mix and match them to make it super unique, oh and I think it comes in top length as well!  It's a must have for your pattern collection I promise!  I tested the sweet little ruffle bodice with short sleeves first go round and I just adore it! 

It's not hard to do at all and the boat neck makes it modest for sure. 

I purposely left her hair down for this so I don't have a great back photo for you, because as sometimes happens in testing a tweak here or there is needed and this was just the first round...but I wanted to show you that the fun addition to the bodice does continue all the way around, the ruffle doesn't but the bodice piece does and it has 4 buttons for closure.


I also tested (Celeste) in a different version...cold day...mad girl...crazy life


Never getting a good photo of her in it, but alas, I do have these!

This was just the simple version, sleeveless ofcourse.

My serger and I had a fight that day and I ended up accidentally hacking off a bit too much of the waistband...I would suggest to use your sewing machine first and then serge under your sewn line to make sure this doesn't happen, can ruin a pretty dress FAST! 

Here you can see the pretty boat neck on the back too!  So lovely and modest!

The other version, which I didn't do, has a ruffle on the neck and the hem, beautiful, I promise...then there's the top length, I didnt do ti either, but AMAZING!

So, don't forget to grab (Celeste's) while it's on sale for its release today, 30% off as always for the first 24 hours.

Gracie, I think is already set for Easter thanks to CKC!

which you can BTW do without the apron front and skirt and ruffle if you want, we NEED frill though, you can even add more ruffles if you want, how amazing is this dress?!?

(Celeste's Classic Boat Neck Dress)

Here, I have pictured just 2 of the versions, there's a 3rd and more then one sleeve length, plus the top length!  You need it!

So, I think that sums it up, until they tempt me with another pretty...3 dresses should be enough for 1 girl for 1 Easter, right?!? Maybe I should just start calling them spring dresses, but there will be Hattie in our future too because that amazing fabric has to be used!  Anyway, as always if you have any trouble with a CKC pattern or you just want to browse other lovely CKC creations, make sure you are a part of the CKC Pattern Group, best group ever!

Have fun creating your sweet girls Easter dresses...hopefully I've given you a little inspiration with these!

Happy Sewing!