Friday, November 7, 2014

Maggie....Our Fall Dress (CKC)

Hi Ladies!  It's been a WHILE since I have shared anything...I'm so terrible!  But school, sick kids, LIFE!  It's just been crazy busy!  Anyway I have been sewing still, not quiet as much, but still sewing!  I was privileged to get to test a GORGEOUS new dress from Create Kids Couture...I've been waiting and waiting to get to share and today is finally the day!

This is the Maggie's Color Block Dress!  It's been a big buzz in the CKC Pattern Group(you'll have to join that one) since Morgan has been teasing everyone with it ;)  Her patterns are all so cute and I swear this one is no exception...I love it! 

It's different then any of the other CKC dresses that I have made thus far and not in a BAD way by any means!  It's fitted and closes with a button back that has a super cute keyhole opening!  It's adorable not layered as well and she's worn it that way already...I just never snapped a picture!  Here in TX, although it finally is actually cooling off for the whole day it's been 50 degrees in the morning to warm up to 90 by the afternoon, quiet annoying when you have to dress your kiddos at 6AM!

Her first trip out in her Maggie!  She wore it to the Pre-K's trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and yes that is a Pumpkin crown on her head!  To be able to spend the whole day in a tiara and believe that you are a Princess...wouldn't that be awesome!  She won Miss Personality at a local Fall Frolic pageant so when she asked to wear her Pumpkin crown and be a Pumpkin Princess, I ofcourse obliged willingly! That's her cute brother with her middle son...he's so was his trip, but little sis just had to tag along!!!

Anyway, that day was no exception to our wonderful Texas weather, by noon we were in the bathroom taking off the top...we woulda lost the leggings too, but she's not ladylike EVER :) As we were killing our 3 hours between drop-off time and field trip time in the Dollar Store she got her first compliment on the (Maggie) as well and when I told the lady that sewing it up took no more then 2 hours, she didn't want to believe me, but I swear it's the truth!  One of MY favorite parts about the dress is that the bottom is a BAND which means it's NO HEMMING of any kind...YAY for that, big time saver!

And here is the Maggie paired with CKC's free Peasant Top Marilyn and their SUPER CUTE Clarissa's Belted Pants as well as her "hunting shoes"!  The top does have added length to the sleeves, I used measurements from another CKC pattern but if you don't have one with the sleeve length you want and you don't want the short sleeve, I'm sure you could manage to just measure your little ones arms!  I went back and added a few white buttons to bring the white of the top into the outfit since I didn't have any off white fabric and it works!  I think it looks precious and I plan on this being her Thanksgiving outfit and its great for any other day too...I have a hard time making a SPECIFIC outfit for ONE DAY so I try and do something like this so we can wear it all season, but it's still appropriate for the DAY!

Another option that this pretty little dress has is a sash...I meant to do it, I have it cut out, but her Daddy liked it without and so did I and then when I went back to fix the rest of the outfit I still meant to do it but I still liked this one without, lol!  But the way its made it would be very easy to wear both ways on different occasions!  You will love it and you'll have to go check it out elsewhere since I didn't get around to it so I could photograph it, sorry! CKC Pattern group will have a lot of shares I'm sure! And I think I might have forgotten to mention that this dress has an AWESOME twirl factor!!!


Anywho ladies thanks for spending a few with me today!  As always I give props to CKC, I love them!  Morgan knocked it out of the park with Maggie!!!  Go check it out, when they release new one's they are always 30% off for 24 hours and tomorrow half off week-end begins...they also have a special Monthly Mixup with a PACK of patterns that you def shouldn't miss!!!

And I'll send you away with a few more pics to make you love (Maggie) even more!

Happy Sewing!